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What is "Carpal Tunnel" And
Why Are You Losing Your Grip?

You should know what’s causing your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS); it’s the result of overworking your hands - performing repetitive (motion) tasks all day long.

Eventually, the stress and strain of constantly doing the same thing with your hands causes the (9) tendons that run through the carpal tunnel from your wrist into your hand, to become swollen. The swelling of tendons (swollen tenosynovium) from overuse puts pressure on the median nerve, resulting in tingling and numbness in your thumb, index and middle fingers.

Swollen tenosynovium is a condition that occurs when you use your hands over and over in the same way. Repetitive stress and strain causes your tendons to swell, putting excessive pressure on the median nerve. That’s what’s causing the tingling and numbness in your thumb, index and middle fingers.

That’s what I mean about losing your grip. If you have difficulty simply holding a cup of coffee in the morning or your hands ache when trying to put the keys in the door or even hold a newspaper, < then you need to try:

Prolotex Far Infrared Carpal Tunnel Treatment Package 2.

Prolotex’s Far Infrared Therapy Gloves offer many advantages over conventional therapy gloves. Here’s just a few of the benefits that Prolotex products unique!

How Prolotex™ Gloves Can Benefit You!

check Improved blood circulation
check Better oxygenation of tissues
check Improved mobility of bones and joints
check Reduced inflammation and pain in muscles and joints

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Complementary and Convenient Therapy For Your CTS

Complementary and Convenient Therapy While You
and Sleep.

Fused with a special formulation of minerals and stones (also called Bio-Ceramics), these gloves emit healing Far Infrared Rays that help to induce microcirculation and aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Increased circulation results in the reduction of chronic pain and swelling, and promotes the healing process.

Far infrared is proving to be a factor in strengthening the body's resistance to infectious diseases, increasing the oxygen capacity of the blood, and improving stress tolerance.

Exposure to FIR increases lymphocytes and neutrophils, and reduces the frequency of colds and respiratory infections.


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"I bought the Therapy Gloves as I have Carpal Tunnel and did not wont surgery or injections (I'm such a coward) Well they are perfect they have almost made my pain go away so much so that I could not find them the other night so I tried to sleep without the gloves what a mistake that was I awoke in the middle of the night in such pain I was crying, so now I am buying a second pair so if I do mislay them I have a back up pair on standby as I never wont to be with out them again. Thank you so much. Best Wishes

Sue L. Fareham England UK
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